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They took our jerbs!

The replacement of "raw" manual labor or repetitive mental tasks with robots is definitely upon us.  This has to be the single most talked-about facet of the AI revolution, and I'd definitely agree that this level of job displacement (at least) is in our future. One...

Science and Government Control

Come closer. What I’m about to tell you is privileged information.  No seriously. Closer still.  *conspiratorial whisper* The government controls the science you get to know about. Is this a surprise to anyone?  It could be.  Right now my country (that’s the USA) is...

The “Telescope Effect” in brainstorming

In my time working as a government scientist, I was able to work with a lot of cross-disciplinary teams, often putting math-and-code-heavy folks like myself together with domain-specific specialists like chemists or biologists who worked in wet labs more and made...

About This Blog – Doom from the Machines

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